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Head of Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal(BKPM) Mr H.E. Bahlil Lahadalia and the delegation visited RUIPU Energy

    On December 4, Mr. H.E. bahlil lahadalia, (Minister of BKPM), Lukas Enembe (Indonesia governor of Papua province), Yunus Wonda (Presient of Papua Parliament), Herman Asaribab (Commander of Papua Military Region), Paulus Waterpau (Chief of Papua police). More than 20 Indonesian government officials accompanied by Xiang Bingxue (Chairman of Qingshan Holding Group ), Hu Xiaodong (Chairman of YongQing Technology), Wang Haijun (President of Shanghai DingXin Group),etc came to RUIPU Energy for a visit. Cao Hui (President of RUIPU Energy) and relevant leaders extended a warm welcome to the visitors.

    Mr. Xiang Bingxue, HU Xiaodong and Wang Haijun accompanied Mr. H.E. bahlil lahadalia , Lukas Enembe and others to visit the RUIPU Energy’s automation production line, they highly affirmed that Qingshan Industrial as a bridge for in-depth cooperation and communication between China and Indonesia, and hoped to deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of new energy, so as to realize common sustainable development.


    Mr. Caohui, President of RUIPU, introduced RUIPU Energy as a rising star in the lithium battery industry, which based on its strong R&D strength and reliable production collaboration, set the goals of new energy power and energy storage experts. In the first year of formal production, it has already won preference from China's first-class car companies,  22 vehicle models have been completed and nearly 100 MWh of energy storage system have been deliveried. Additionally, Caohui also introduced the frequency modulation industrial energy storage system which has been deployed and used in Indonesian industrial parks,including real- time operation status and revenue situation. Moreover, Caohui discussed the next deployment of Indonesia's outlying islands integrated energy storage system and electric two-wheeler market.